Protective Infrastructure

You've decided what race roles are required and who will fill them, you know where everyone is located on the event day; now it’s time to focus on planning the infrastructure that secures these locations. One thing to keep in mind: You need to make sure that you have an entrance and exit point for all locations on-site. For example, you can’t wrap the spectators in a net so they can’t leave, nor can you require them to cross in front of the course line to enter. 

It's not enough to simply have netting, barricade, and signage at your event. It all needs to be function, which requires operational testing. Set aside some time before your event site opens to test the netting and barricade, and invite a new staff member to do a walkthrough to see if they can easily find and follow all signage 


Netting is one of the most critical components of safety at a drone racing event. Netting with at least 100 pounds test strength (for racing with 250 class drones weighing less than 2.5lbs) is recommended.

Note that all people at the event should be 100% separated from areas of drone operation, either with netting or a permanent barrier, such as a wall or ceiling, including above their heads. A ‘high net wall’ is not sufficient given the altitudes drones can reach.


Bike rack or a comparable barrier should be placed at least 5 feet back from netting, protecting individuals on the inside of the net and preventing them from pressing up against, or reaching through, the net. Barricades should also be used to define spaces and restrict off-limit areas.


Clearly mark all areas of the event space with signage; in particular, make sure exits and restricted area are easily identifiable. Signage helps safely control the flow of people and provides warnings and critical information to spectators and other people not involved with live drones. 

fire safety kits

Place clearly marked fire safety kits throughout the event and the race course will help ensure you have the tools to react quickly to a fire should one occur during racing. These kits can include, among other things: 

  1. Fire blanket
  2. Fire extinguisher
  3. Bucket of Water
  4. Tool for picking up LiPo batteries