You’ve planned your event, you’ve briefed all people onsite including staff, audience members and pilots on everything from the exit locations to the course Status System, and you’re almost ready to go. Thus far we’ve gone over Planning and Procedures, but there is still one more important safety principle: Production. This principle refers to when all members of your team are working together to produce the event. 

When you organize an event with a large number of people, regardless of the event type,  you must familiar with basic rules for managing crowds and crowded events (e.g. don’t leave exposed wires on the ground people can trip over). There are many resources available for these general event practices; however, this section focuses on the two unique elements of producing a drone racing event: the drones and the batteries that power them, Lithium Polymer Batteries. In this section, we will go over some helpful for how to safely handle drones and LiPo batteries; plus, how to create emergency action plan.