Example B: Someone is on the Course Before the Race Begins 


The race is about to begin: The course is closed, the drones are armed, and the spectators are on the edge of their seats. Suddenly, the Merchandise Manager sees someone walking across the course towards the Spectator Viewing Area.


The Merchandise Manager immediately notifies the Spectator Manager who, in turn, immediately notifies the Race Director. The Race Directly quickly tells the Drone Manager that the race is paused. In turn, the Drone Manager tells pilots to disarm their drones. When the drones have been disarmed, the Drone Manager signals, "Controllers Down." Seeing this, the Race Director waves a yellow flag and announces, "Restricted Course" status, and sends a member of the event staff to collect the person on course and bring them to the spectator viewing area.


Once again, it all three elements of the DRL Safety Protocol were necessary to prevent an unsafe situation. It is only because the event is using the Course Status System that the Merchandise Area Manager is certain that it is an unsafe time for a person to be on the course even though there were not yet drones flying on the course. Further, it is only because she had been well briefed on the Course Status System that she knew how it worked and to alert the Race Director. Finally, because of the clearly defined roles on site, the situation could be dealt with quickly, with the Merchandise Area Manager knowing to contact the Race Director, who was in a position to halt the race.