Event Layout

Let’s return to the three big groups of people we discussed: Event Staff, Pilots, and Spectators (there could certainly be additional groups, but we will continue to use these three as an example). When you’re planning your race layout, you’ll want to think about:

  1. The safest place for each group to be on race day. 
  2. What each group needs to accomplish that day (You don’t want to hide the spectators behind a wall, where they can’t see anything!)

First, separate everyone into two groups: 1) People who have nothing to do with live drones (spectators) and 2) People who either interact directly with live drones (Pilots), interact with drone setup (Drone Manager & Handlers), or oversee operations (Race Director). As a general rule, you will want these two groups to be far apart from each other.

Second, remember what each group needs to accomplish that day. For example, the Race Director is has overall responsibility for the event, so they need to be in a place where they can see everything and execute their duties. Here is a sample layout: