emergency action plans

It's important to have a series of Emergency Action Plans ready before your event, because once an emergency occurs, it will be challenging to give instructions and react. What's an Emergency Action, or EAP? You may not realize it, but you already know what an Emergency Action Plan is. Every time you go on a commercial airplane flight, you are briefed on the Emergency Action Plan: What to do in the case of a water landing, what happens if there is cabin pressure loss, etc...An Emergency Action Plan is a plan that you create ahead of time to address different potential emergencies on-site. It's crucial that your entire team is briefed on the EAPs, so they know how to respond immediately should an emergency arise. 

Here's a quick example. 

Let's say there's a LiPo fire by the Spectator Viewing Area and it seems like it may get out of control. What should the Spectator Manager do? What should the Race Director do?  What happens with all of the Spectators in the viewing area? With an EAP, everyone on the event staff would have the same response immediately and be able to react quickly and in unison.

Here are a few situations for which you may want to create an EAP, but this is in no way a comprehensive list of all scenarios:

  1. Fires 
  2. Evacuation
  3. Medical
  4. Inclement Weather

You can download an EAP template here, which will provide you with a straightforward starting framework for your event's EAPs.